The sem newsletter is a weekly newsletter containing the best domain names at auction. But not just any domain names, but domains with existing authority (aka a history and backlinks).

In addition to providing a list of the best expiring domains, including DR (ahrefs), referring domains, and noteworthy links, each domain gets some commentary from me (sean, your guide through expireddomainseo land) on what I’d do with that specific name, how I’d use it to redirect or build out.

There are also occasional features, like “Where Are They Now?” where I look at a recently expired then built out domain to talk about what they’re doing well, what they could improve on, and how it’s going overall. Sometimes there’s an “Ask Me Anything” where I collect specific (anonymized) questions about building out a domain and answer very candidly.

So that’s what you get when you subscribe. If you’re unsure, sign up for the free email, which contains a small preview of that week’s paid newsletter.