sem #5

domains with authority, domains to build a brand on, and the apocalypse


It’s me, that guy that doesn’t post things consistently.

How’re things?

Me? Oh, you know…


I’m here to distract you and distract myself with domain names! Names you can buy and build a business on to help give you the illusion of pushing back against the inevitable entropy that’ll one day see all our precious energy scattered and returned to the cold, unfeeling universe from which we came, and to which we’ll return.

But like I said, until that happens you can have a little fun, build a business or two, find some success, and buy some… I dunno beef jerky? What do super-successful people eat? I’ma stick with beef jerky.

Links You Should Read

This Week in SEO #116 — recently written by me over at the Smash Digital blog. Learn about SEO! See an SEO joke I made!

The Time for a Website Migration is Now — Nick LeRoy makes some good points here, that may or may not apply to you. The gist of it is: things are wild right now anyway, if you’ve been putting off combining two sites, switching to “https://,” jumping to that baller domain you acquired through my awesome list, you might as well do it now when the world is chaos.

Domains With Authority

Remember, kids. Do your due diligence. I’m only glancing at these through a dirty shop window, here, if you’re gonna put down some real Benjamins on a name make sure it hasn’t been spammed to death previously… - ends 5/17

Big money! DR 66, 11.5k links.

Some of the anchor text is around “gaming card,” but when I dug into some context via what other sites were saying when they link to, it sounds like it was a social media play for gamers.

Womp. Guess that didn’t work out. However, this domain… this has a lot “gaming” energy, a very hot industry (especially right now) with a TON of authority to help you launch something smart that makes a lot of money. Give the domain a B- as a brand—raptor is cool but raptr is a cliché, know what I mean? In the low thousands now, with about four days left. Good opportunity here… - ends 5/19

DR 62, a thousand+ links. Used to be some kind of ad publication or something, talking about marketing. Has some phenomenal links. If you have a marketing/business brand, this could be a really solid acquisition. Decent brand… better than “raptr” anyway. - ends 5/18

ANOTHER DR 60+ site, but this one is currently below $100. That makes me suspicious, but 1) the site has a few pages indexed, and 2) the referring domains aren’t redirected through another URL or something…

Anyway if you’re dumb enough—wait, I mean, DUMB enough to try and get into the “best hosting” niche you might as well start with a super solid brand and 1,000 links, right?

Do a bit of extra diligence here, just in case. - ends 5/17

DR 57 and some amazing .gov/.edu (and other) links, and ranking for hundreds of KWs.

Just over $100 currently.

Kind of a boring niche/industry, but in every industry there’s money to be made…

Anyway, this is the kind of boring domain that you can get a bunch of sites to link to without being suspicious, and then 301 it to your money site once you’ve racked up some solid authority. - ends 5/15

Oh, man. Cash in some bitcoin and get ready for a fight if you want this one.

Speaking of kind of innocuous names that you can get people to link to pretty easily that are ALSO in an industry with huge potential (kinetic) energy… and by energy I mean money. I tried to make a potential/kinetic energy joke but it didn’t work. I’m keeping it in, though. YOLO.

Anyway… at $3.5k with just a couple days left. DR 42, +400 links, and even still ranks for a few (not so valuable) keywords. Amaaaazing link profile. Could be a nice opportunity for someone building a property in the sustainable energy space.

Domains to Build a Brand On - ends 5/15

Interesting opportunity to build one of those “what Wordpress theme is this” sites — I think they make a ton of money in ads/affiliate plays. “What CMS is this?” Perfect name for that query. - ends 5/17

Sounds like one of the made up dopey companies at TechCrunch Disrupt on Silicon Valley. - ends 5/13

Great brand name for a dash-cam product. Slightly negative connotation, but if someone does something stupid and crashes into you, you’ll wish you had your Crash Cam on… - ends 5/13

Gaming domain. Gaming is hot etc. etc. Decent brandable if you’re gonna put the time in to build something out. - ends 5/13

.net still sucks, but “security guard” is not a bad left part of the domain name. But .net really is kind of flaccid, brand-wise. You’ll always wish you had the .com…


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