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GoDaddy is gonna make so much money this week...


Two posts in the same month, it must be your birthday.

Super short intro today because a BUNCH of these names are ending in like… an hour or two. So shut up! Stop reading this, go buy domains!

Also, I wrote about Google’s recent May 2020 Core Algo Update here. Go read it when you’re done bidding on domains.

Domains With Authority

PLEASE! For your own sake, do some due diligence on these before buying. I only kick the tires like “yep, this is a tire.” Didn’t even check to see if the thing has an engine. I’m not responsible for your impulse buys! - ends 5/25

DR 45 with 1,000+ links. Some serious “art” authority. Not the hottest niche ever, but because of that, not a ton of inventory passing through the expired auctions, so this is your big chance.

Just under $5k, ends in a few hours. Has links from every site you can imagine! Go ahead and imagine one—which one did you pick?


It doesn’t have a link from there, sorry. But, like, a bunch of other places!

BoingBoing, KCRW,, NYTimes, All Wikipedia Languages, BBC, etc.

A *Three-Pack of Authoritative Tech Sites With Terrible Domains

* each domain sold separately. - ends 5/25

DR 35. Used to be “lightweight visualization platform for mobiles” but now it’s… not that.

Domainers will recognize that this is a terrible misspelling of the auction platform “Sedo.” Non-domainers will just be like “damn, that’s a stupid domain that you’ll constantly have to spell for people if you really build your brand there.

Links from: StackOverflow, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Gizmodo, PCMag, TechTarget, TechRadar - ends 5/25

Time-stamp servers? This shit is over my head. An awful domain to build a brand on, but my god, some of the best tech-related backlinks I’ve seen in doing this newsletter for about a year… DR 65, only at $1300+ currently (will not stay there, be assured)

Links from: Microsoft,,, Oracle, iCANN, Cisco, Python EYE BALLS EMOJI - ends 5/25

I’m not sure WTF a MIRC Script is, but the site is a DR 35 with ~450 referring domains. Good, tech-related backlink profile:

Links from: RedHat, Oreilley, TeamSpeak, AnandTech, TechSpot,

Currently at $1300+ with a couple hours left.

And Now, Back to Some Non-Tech Names - ends 5/25

Space domain! DR 22. Ends today

Some strong science domains from NatGeo, Smithsonian, etc. At $200 now, probably goes for… $700…ish? - ends 5/25

No, you are.


DR 37, ranking for a hundred or so long-tail car “specific model” body kit type keywords. Obvious car part build out site. Cha-ching. Easy. Doesn’t have an amazeballs backlink profile here—which is fine, no reason it should. But what it does have is a bunch of auto-related backlinks of sites I never heard from, which is… appropriate.

Currently a bit under a $grand. - ends 5/25

DR 49, a mix of links from sites like, AdWeek, BI, VentureBeat, AmEx, — you get it. Business links.

Slightly under $1,000 currently. Probably goes for a bit more than that, as the brand is decent, almost, and a lot of media/ad/tech/marketing companies can spin some SEO gold from this hay. - ends 5/26

DR 49. Get you some religious links! Like the art links from a site I wrote about above, solid religious links are in short supply, so here’s your big chance. Links from ChristianityToday, ShareFaith, etc. Solid pick up, currently at a few hundred bucks.

While we’re on the topic, this tweet:

haha, what?! - ends 5/26

This is the kind of thing it probably doesn’t cost THAT much to build, and can go insanely viral (like this one did—ton of big media links).

Speaking of viral, this is the kind of content we all need right now, stuck at home. Rebuild this thing, get a bunch more media links, make some people smile, and low-key link to your bitcoin casino.

DR 34 — $400 right now, probably goes for just under a thousand. - ends 5/26

Oh shit, y’all. A legitimate lawyer site. Links from some super-relevant sites like:,, WAPO, UPenn,,

I know throwing this auction to a bunch of SEOs is like:

But there it is. Get yo LAWYER links. Currently at $400, expect it to go WAY up. (Not currently ranking for any KWs, but is pretty well indexed). - ends 5/26

A high-resolution photo project. Some big ole tech/biz links, like:, NYTimes, BBC, Wired, ScientificAmerican, SlashDot, Fool, MacRumors

Over $1k already. A solid photo-focused affiliate site (or whatever) domain, even on a .org. - ends 5/26

Not sure what this means, but just putting this on the list if you need some big Brazil links/authority. DR 21, ranking for +800 KWs. - ends 5/27

Some kind of… official San Francisco site? Some city group or something.

Big, juicy links on a shit domain:, FastCompany, NewsWeek, Recode, NerdWallet,, ThinkProgress

DR 47, currently at $200+ - ends 5/31

A DR 33 with just under 30 KWs “currently ranking for.” At $200 with over 6 days left, but a dog-related domain with some dog authority… I assume there’ll be a big fight over this from the… millions? of pet-related affiliate site owners.

Seriously, I think people want to start an affiliate site and you don’t know what make it about… glance around the room… coffee cups? No. Chairs? No.

💡💡💡 Perfect.

Domains to Build a Brand On - ends 5/31

You know how I feel about .net — but gorilla is a strong KW. Lots of people agree: currently at $3.5k - ends 5/27

An alternate (and not very popular) spelling of briar. Not super valuable unless you own both, but still a dictionary word and short, so will go for a lot of money and be a sexy domain to build a brand on (just not my fave though. on the other hand… Swoon). - ends 5/31

Long domain, but perfect brand if you do this kind of work already…


That’s it for this episode of domains and gifs (sorry not sorry for the dog one).

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